Lenovo Legion 5 15IMH05H

Lenovo Legion 5 15IMH05H review : A Beast Gaming Laptop

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They Moved Are The times of High, heavy gaming laptops that weren’t that mobile. In addition, several businesses manufacture smaller, smaller-sized gaming laptops that are definitely more mobile than their predecessors. Lenovo has been one of many organizations at the forefront using their Lenovo Legion line up for a time. Our Lenovo Legion 5 review asks a glance atone at these recent gaming laptops, and that may possibly be customized to trust your own requirements and price range. Keep on reading for your whole review!

Lenovo Legion 5 15IMH05H


  • Service or product
  • Process or
  • Images
  • Chip Set
  • Intel HM470
  • Performance
  • 1x 8GB Therefore, DIMM DDR4-2933 (around 16-GB available )
  • Storage
  • 512GB SSD M.two 2280 Pci E NVMe
  • Exhibit
  • NTSC (around 500nits, respectively 240Hz, 100 percentage sRGB available )
  • 4x USB 3.2 Type-a Gen Inch, USB 3.2 Type-C GEN 1 (using
  • Ethernet
  • 100/1000M
  • WLAN + Blue Tooth
  • Circumstance Substance
  • PC/ABS
  • Digi-cam
  • 720p H-d, 1.0MP resolution, and privacy camera, fixed attention
  • Microphone
  • Builtin Dual-array mike
  • Surface-area Treatment Procedure
  • Painting
  • Coloration
  • Phantom Black
  • Keyboard
  • 4-Zone RGB LED Back Lighting, Language (US)
  • TPM
  • FW TPM 2.0
  • Battery
  • Constructed 60Wh (80Wh available )
  • Battery Existence
  • Electric electricity Adapter
  • 230W Lean Suggestion
  • Operating-system
  • Windows 10 Property 64, English
  • Bundled Pc Computer Software
  • Office Trial
  • · Item guide


Lenovo shifted their Legion notebook Design awhile ago together with The latest version that follows the exact identical design storyline. The lid involves the Legion brand over the upper left (when it comes to it) along with the Lenovo logo within the reduction directly. Unlike some extra Lenovo Legion choices, the Y at the Legion brand won’t light once the equipment was started up. It’s not merely a gigantic bargain, but worth mentioning because it can devote merely a very small bit since it’s completed.

The lid has been placed forward in the Back of The notebook about an Inch to accommodate both backbone vents. The top edge with the back region of the computer has icons indicating that vents are wound up to get access. Speaking about ports, this notebook has tons of the. The very practical side includes a USB type port, whereas the left side includes a 2 nd USB type jack and a 3.5-millimeter combo interface. The back comprises an Ethernet port, USB Type-C port, two USB type (for four full ), a full-size HDMI, electric energy, and a lock slot. Discussing this energy port, it really is Lenovo’s proprietary sq interface. The 230W power brick isn’t incredibly small and may be approximately 3 1/2 x-ray 6 1/2 x 1 inch in measurement. Rounding both sides and posterior edges with the notebook are four vents for airflow.

Lenovo Legion 5 15IMH05H

Placing the notebook and You Are Moving to Find out That a Full-sized RGB keyboard includes a slightly squished number pad round the ideal side. The wide range of arrows was filled too nicely; however, the most important thing is the countertop underneath the rest of the section of their computer keyboard. The vitality button is directly dependent on the most notable and comprises LED lighting at the guts. White suggests auto-fan type, gloomy signs silent fashion, though red suggests the complete enthusiast manner. The trackpad lies under the distance bar away to the left of these hands rest.

To start with, I found that the computer keyboard to eventually become Consistently a tiny spongy. Once the time scale I used for this, it’s significantly overly delicate for my own liking. So far as I really like a couple of pads on the 15.6-inch and more effective notebook, I ran across it quite really bothersome to get a little while whilst applying this particular laptop. Maybe it’s due to the particular sizing and position of this computer keyboard, however, that I needed to go the computer into this most effective for my typing to turn into reality. As a result, this presumed that my eyes stopped up somewhat into the rest part with the display being a substitute of attention like it’s ordinary. While betting, across the other hand, I was in a posture to center that the notebook was commonly given an ordinary hand and also mouse utilize for some game titles.

At which, of Clearly, you’re going to see the screen panel. The very best bezel is about 1/2-inch thick, and additionally, the camera’s built-in privacy portrait is all on the basis of the opposing side of their surface. The unwanted bezels are merely significantly a lot more than 1/4-inch thick since the base is exactly about an inch, and you may insert the different 1/4-inch into an own hinge under which. The LEGION variant is published dependent on the underside bezel.
The base of the notebook contains four lengthy Rubber feet. The back (or next to) has fan air intake vents outside of the inch facet into the other opposite side. The leading part of the front and rear sides with the notebook includes an angled benefit. The dual speakers sit near the leading of either side on such kinds of angled edges, shooting and slightly towards the left and right leadership.

The Lenovo Legion 5 doesn’t look like a gaming notebook. At a glance, nevertheless will come with two or three gaming-centric capacities exactly enjoy the RBG backlit computer keyboard and admirer speed customization.


Our Overview apparatus has been delivered with each of the 1920×1080 FHD IPS For the own record, that’s most likely the underside of the pile, therefore to talk together regarding this kind of group’s display selections. One other few choices all comprise 100-percent sRGB color gamut. The two are available with 300nits brightness, so you with 60Hz and another 144Hz refresh rate. The previous option comes from 500nits brightness and 240Hz refresh rate. Both of those 144Hz and 240Hz refresh rate choices also have Dolby eyesight.

Consequently, Whilst the display was decent and somewhat dull In matters, perhaps not to say 250 nits isn’t incredibly glowing, especially in vibrant working conditions. I frequently discovered I was using the notebook at full snug brightness during night time in space. One thing that’s been elegant concerning the screen will be the fact that the anti-glare complete does quite a superb job of diminishing warmth when brighter light is approximate.

The 120Hz refresh rate was friendly and smooth, presuming That you may get your match-making that the most of it. We will talk more about the performance part below. With this note, if you should be considering the notebook, then I’d elect for the 300nits. Subsequently, 144Hz refresh rate or 500nits, 240Hz alternative with their Dolby eyesight alongside 100-percent sRGB color gamut aid.


As an average of Authentic, not just really a whole great deal to say The subsequent. The Lenovo Legion 5 conducts Windows-10 household and comprises mc-afee, Lenovo Vantage, LenovoUtility, Lenovo Welcome, and office 365 demo pre-installed (alongside one additional Micro-Soft faked matches together side bloatware ). McAfee, demonstrably, features a speedy un-install. Lenovo Welcome just direct throughout your new system-while Lenovo Vantage is becoming really probably the most of the utilization of that pre-installed software. With Lenovo Vantage, you might even verify your entire CPU and GPU output, stay drive space, play system upgrades, and run system evaluations. You are even allowed to customize the 4-zone RGB lights, and toggle system enriches, set apps to auto close when launching games, lock the touchpad, toggle instantly control, toggle wi-fi equilibrium toggle Dolby Audio.

Overall Performance

Though that our Inspection unit Wasn’t too cluttered, it’s undoubtedly not the most notable line up at what’s needed section. Not too shabby, but something to Keep in mind when researching this segment

I have obtained a rather usual Group of games I Test on PC. At precisely exactly the exact same time examine them chased them up into the most crucial configurations. So, the majority of the numbers you will find right here will soon likely probably be running those games in 1080p at many incredible settings in that potential. You’ll receive bigger premiums if you slice down the online-video preferences by the games under to moderate.

All Through ScreeningWe achieved the following frames each Next (fps) from the upcoming games:

  • · Wolfenstein: Young-blood: 31/22/37 fps (River-side ) Dtc T-X On, Substantial; 30/19/37 fps (Lab ) R-TX On, Higher
  • · Mid Earth: Shadow of Most War: 72/34/122 fps (avg/min/max on default settings )
  • · Gears Methods: 118.5 fps avg on Unbelievably configurations

Though Our gaming performance Wasn’t overly terrible, in Case You Play loads of gambling, you are likely to desire to include a whole good deal more RAM and proceed using the R-TX 2060 instead of a substitute for the GTX 1660Ti video-clip card to find some good tiny bulge ineffectiveness.

Most Women and Men use Their notebooks for gaming; nonetheless, Additionally, the Lenovo Legion 5 is substantially effective for surfing, email, and media intake. Once configured, it seemed fine. When tasked using the two the picture and film recording from Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, together with Premiere Pro. You won’t want to serve as exporting substantial chunks of 4K video clips with it. However, you are also able to beef up this at the proceedings you’re getting to complete video editing regarding it at exactly the exact same time. Besides, you are going to desire a greater color gamut policy for a job this.

Sound quality

With Dolby Audio around Date, which the Lenovo Legion 5 will Make pretty loudly too won’t have too terrible just in case a soundstage to find a notebook. It might use diverse bass without a doubt, but it’s really a fantastic enough job with the two speakers it has. After gaming, you may possibly receive a true feel with this direction, or other sounds were arising out of. However, if you’re a gamer, then you almost certainly have a very gaming headset in your own gaming sessions. With this perspective, the speakers on this notebook do in a pinch to find both gaming and media intake.


The one place that always surpasses. Most notebooks are your Digicam. Due to the fact up in-game tick loading the past couple of decades, you’d feel gaming laptops at-least will include a camera that is better. The Lenovo Legion 5 games a 1MP 720p higher definition mended attention front digicam. The moment it’s acceptable for internet video streaming and streaming, it might possibly do using an upgrade to 1080p.


Again, even gaming laptops aren’t the very best for battery lifetime. All through our testing, afterward,” I had been in a place to acquire around three weeks. At the time, I was largely attaining internet/word processing (producing up this review, checking email ) linked tasks with each of the track destinations for an 80% brightness and, in addition, the battery lifetime putting into enhancing efficacy. Once shifted to battery lifetime, I was able to come across still yet another hour out of this. The moment it’s not exactly the 6.8 hrs, which Lenovo resources; it really is what I’d expect given the configurations that I was running on the apparatus under.

Consequently, It’s not the very best; nonetheless, it could get you through a handful of hrs of calculating duties. The moment you get started gaming, you’ll be sipping on your own battery life drastically, to not state totally possible gimping your gaming performance.


Possessing a Launch MSRP of Most US$999.99, Lenovo Legion 5 will be A pretty decently priced platform centered on caliber together side its entry-level gaming entire performance. In addition, it’s flexible enough to be employed suitably for firm offices wants, such as for example, for instance, photo editing and fundamental sound do the position.

This price depends upon your AMD Ryzen 5 version. Once Examined, our review device comes in across the 1,549.99 marks, which will be not too bad. Maxed out with 15GB of both RAM, 1TB SSD, NVIDIA® GeForce® R-TX 2060 6GB, and also the 240Hz refresh rate alternative are looking only more than 2 000.

Wrap upward

In case You Are Looking for an entrance door Gaming notebook, you might Select the go; the Lenovo Legion 5 is still a viable option. Although Our inspection apparatus, which won’t violate your creditor, was marginally Missing The higher graphics settings for many matches, you additionally can Customize the system using A better video card plus far more RAM. Experienced, our review unit had a much better display and more powerful RAM As well as the card. Also, this could have felt improved Than it failed. With no Respect for customization option, you Choose the notebook does Simply to subtle bending; therefore, you’re able to find the job done in case you aren’t gaming.

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