A Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO Review : A Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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In Addition, Many OEMs come Into the Brain If you believe in gaming equipment. Though Turtle Beach is one you likely have been aware of sooner, ROCCAT might possibly perhaps well not function as unless you are finished in Europe. The company enterprise is created in Germany. Also, it’s been around due to 2007. Though ROCCAT comes with a European-American presence, they expect their purchase last year from Turtle beach-front can encourage them to obtain greater great ground with the facet of these own lakes.

A Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Our ROCCAT Vulcan, a Hundred Twenty AIMO Evaluate, necessitates Assessing a handful of the many mechanical gaming laptops they comprise up. Continue reading to check if it lives around it is 20-19 iF Design Award.


The ROCCAT Vulcan, a Hundred Twenty AIMO, gets the Subsequent.

  • · 1.8Millimeter actuation suggestion (compacted, silent )
  • · 3.6Millimeter switch travel distance
  • · 512-kb Constructed settings & nimble memory
  • · 32bit ARM Cortex-M0 established processor
  • · 1000Hz polling rate
  • · ROCCAT® Swarm Computer Programs bundle
  • · RGB per-key light with 16.8m colors
  • · Detachable ergonomic palms Comfort
  • · ROCCAT Vulcan a Hundred Twenty AIMO mechanical gaming computer keyboard
  • · Detachable ergonomic palms Comfort
  • · Quick installation guide
  • · Disposal information manual
  • · Roccat stickers


Physical gaming keyboards function the Gamut the minute it Comes to designing. There is surely a style for all of us in the inwall plastic casing into the metal frames that are thicker. It’s an anodized aluminum plate that does not only appear to click. Nevertheless, it’s still potent and robust.

As Authentic with Most mechanical Gaming keyboards, This one is one of that Igbo kind. It’s really a regular 5-row alphanumeric key employing the sixth row previously-mentioned to Fn keys. The arrow keys and special keys like home, del, and inches would be the most useful of the main computer keyboard. At period, the short-range array pad is on the most acceptable facet with the computer keyboard.

The Vulcan a Hundred twenty AIMO also Comes with a Variety button, a currency toggle button, and a volume click button situated within the number mat using a dial. Subsequent to the number has been emphasized; then the longer dial modulates your own volume. Subsequent to the currency button was emphasized, it corrects the RGB backlighting brightness. The caps lock, num lock, scroll lock, and match style index LEDs come actually underneath the amount pad. It really is an unusual place and certainly will take only just a little used to. The ROCCAT wordmark is on the top of this computer keyboard concerning branding.

A Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Talking Of RGB mild, The personal computer keyboard won’t exactly an excellent career with further lighting. That really is born to the habit Titan Switches. Employing an absolute dust-resistant casing cap on top and a shorter keycap, the per-key RGB lighting (which supports 16.8 million colors ) beams through more than ordinary full-sized keycaps. The lighting may be configured using a ROCCAT Swarm app. In addition, the computer supports that the provider’s AIMO lighting engine. I shall chat far more on this issue of the app in the app section. But I enjoyed the AIMO lights alternative as it automatically syncs with other AIMO-supported devices like ROCCAT mice and headphones. Plus, the learns and reacts (literally? ) ) Predicated on the particular usage, supplying a superbly comfortable, vibrant light effect.

The positive aspects and underside are black vinyl, Strong too. The underside Edge is only just a bit thicker and features a groove in its removable ergonomic hand comfort. More to the point, under. The base of the computer keyboard comprises two rubber-like strips on the upper and bottom edge for greater grip when on your desk. There is likewise a number of this foot across the back in the event that you’d prefer a slightly increased angle on your own computer keyboard whilst hammering it. The 1.8m (5.9′) cordless wire could be attached at the midst of the back of the computer keyboard and finishes in a USB Type-A plug.

The additional hand rest is a superb touch. Together Side, while It won’t put in some additional relaxations, it’s not overly soft as it’s a small plastic piece. Possessing a simple design and style, the ROCCAT icon emblem is made into the reduction. It attaches to the groove in the base of the computer via bolts as well as won’t stay installed very well.


Whilst the ROCCAT Swarm program Appears to Be Somewhat obsolete; it is Pretty high in functionality. For this Vulcan per hundred and twenty-five AIMO, there are three main tabs: ordinary capacities, essential Assignment, and Vital Illumination.

Under Regular skills, you also may Choose a sound Opinion (really, you are ready to make your computer keyboard create ray, typewriter, sci-fi, together side other parameters while analyzing ), adjust the character replicate options, then convert your computer keyboard into its own default option setting.

This tab Enables You to reassign the keys, also Into macros. Discussing macros, there exists a continuous tab on the underside. It will be possible to select pre-selected macros, for instance, ones outside of favorite games like Apex Legends, and sometimes make your very own private. The most critical assignment is fairly straightforward, including all of the current apps to drag & drop functionality.

The Preceding tab Enables You to select six Pre Set light Impacts, the AIMO creative lights, and sometimes possibly generate a habit lights installation. It genuinely is relatively self-explanatory and straightforward to take advantage of. In addition, there exists a tab on the opposing hand of the very top for the very own above AIMO feature. Under this tab, at this point, you may toggle AIMO, view you might be latest AIMO discovering progress, then toggle ROCCAT Chat currency and Alienware’s Alien forex currency.

Along with the particular arrow at the base, a Profile manager Tab allows one to place up to 4 different profiles to save and speedy access employing this specific F1 through F4 keys on your computer keyboard. At period, you could even upgrade the firmware on your computer keyboard when an update is available.

Overall Performance

The Vulcan 100 and twenty-five AIMO may function as the Company’s very first computer keyboard containing theirs from your home assembled Titan Switches. Produced out of the bottom upwards, these gentle palates give you a 1.8millimeter actuation line using a 3.6millimeter travel distance. Observing the company enterprise, these buttons understand entered 20 percent quicker on account of this strategy. Unlike the vast majority of additional controls, the Titan Switches are only just a little bigger simply because they feature an evident plastic piece allowing your RGB lighting to shine brighter and fitter. Consequently, the critical caps are approximately 50 percent lighter when compared with standard keycaps, allowing quicker replies.

After analyzing, the keys do feel Quicker in comparison to additional Computer keyboards I’ve examined previously. Typing is extremely responsive, and additionally, the computer keyboard is pretty quiet as much as mechanical gaming keyboards are concerned.

Matches, for example, Heroes of these Storm, Diablo III, Apex Legends, together side Telephone of Duty: warzone. There is not any input or lost keystrokes, plus it’s always an equally crucial quality of gaming to prevent collapse from the competition.
Maybe Not only is it Acceptable for gaming; nevertheless, Additionally, It functions great for the total everyday usage. The moment it’s more quickly compared to the typical ordinary computer keyboard, it is perhaps not overly loud as domain name keyboards; thus, it’s not exceptionally distracting when employed in a workplace setting. Honestly, I really don’t have any complaints in regards to the functioning of this particular specific computer keyboard, and maybe perhaps the ROCCAT Titan simplifies its uses.

PRICE/VALUE Twenty-five AIMO isn’t simply very reasonably priced. Next again, you’ll see additional decent mechanical gaming computer keyboards. Considering They Are ready to run well over 200, the Vulcan per hundred and twenty-five AIMO is reasonably cheap given the Performance and construct exemplary. In the event that you ought to be hunting for one up out of the U.S., afterward, this gaming computer keyboard might be purchased just in the Greatest Acquire stores.
Wrap-up If You’re a gamer Likely to Enhance your own mechanical Superior choice. As Well as per-key RGB Lights, press volume controls, A Comprised hands fracture, along with powerful, receptive Titan Switches, that Computer keyboard won’t Know about gaming.

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